Caretaking our biodiversity is vital for our native flora and fauna, clean water, clean air, pest control, pollination, nutrient storage, medicines, mental and physical health. From this knowledge and understanding we can all step forward into the actions we can take as a community to improve sustainability in our homes and schools.

Guest Speaker Kieran Richardt – Natura Pacific, Native Habitat Restorers.


Kieran cannot be at the event!

Please welcome Alicia in his stead, also of Natura Pacific.

“Frog Friendly Backyards – 
  • Frog Friendly Backyards – 
    • Frogs as ‘Bioindicators’
    • Local threatened species
    • ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ for frogs/Frog Friendly Backyards
    • How to make a Frog Hotel Demo

    The Frog Friendly Backyards talk links well with the aim of the Natura Pacific Back from the Brink programme, which focus on getting our community to take tangible steps towards conservation and ecosystem restoration.  Community restoring their backyards for frog habitat is certainly meeting that objective, as well as providing a clear example of how mums, dads and kids can help cease the “war on nature, support biodiversity and to provide ecosystem services”.



    Alecia is an Environmental and Wildlife Educator and a qualified Primary Teacher, Alecia has experience delivering engaging and exciting educational programs and presentations.

  • Alecia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Environmental and Planning Studies (and Australian Cultural Studies) as well as holding a Certificate III in Captive Animal Management. Alecia is also a Certified ZooKeeper with animal capture and restraint experience and has a love not only for the care and protection of our native wildlife but also in sharing her knowledge and experience with others to help them understand how important wildlife conservation is for our future.