“The purpose of our stall is to spread awareness about the fake renewable, Biomass, and its serious consequences for our forests.”

“Biomass energy is being touted worldwide as ecologically sustainable and carbon neutral by governments, and sold as a climate solution. This could not be further from the truth, so Biomass Action Group and Caldera Environment Centre have teamed up to present a stall at The Caldera World Environment Day Festival, Sunday 6th June, Knox Park Murwillumbah.

Our purpose  is to educate people on Bioenergy – the “fake and dangerous renewable” which will destroy our native forests unless we stop it.

Biomass Action Group is a collaboration of environmental groups to bring awareness of the serious dangers of burning trees for electricity.


Native Forest Biomass furnace fuel is NOT:

“… a ‘carbon neutral’, ‘renewable’, ‘ecologically sustainable’ energy source.”


Native Forest Biomass furnace fuel IS:

The Ecological Destruction of Native Forests, on a global-industrial-scale.

 A Carbon Emissions Scheme Fraud, A Fake ‘Renewable’ furnace fuel for electricity !!!

Dirtier Than Burning Coal !!!

Literally destroys the-Carbon-Capture-and-Storage-Native-Forest-Ecologies !!! “

Wrongly diverts billions of $$$ of subsidies which should instead have gone to truly renewable energy generation !!! .




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