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UN Secretary General: “Humanity is waging war on nature. Biodiversity is collapsing. Ecosystems are disappearing before our eyes.”

World Environment Day Festival Programme

WEDF2021 ProgramWEDF2021 Program

Guest Speaker Robert Kooyman

Ancient Forests:  Rob Kooyman, respected Australia forest ecologist, traces the history of the ancient forests of Gondwana, how they evolved from Patagonia and Antartica…and now after just 232 years of white settlement, are in grave danger of being destroyed beyond… Continue Reading →

The Wollumbin Caldera

The Wollumbin Caldera is one of the three top biodiversity hotspots in Australia. It covers an area of approximately 1500 sq km and supports around 1250 types of plants. The Caldera includes a high diversity of ecosystem types because it… Continue Reading →

Biomass Action Group

“The purpose of our stall is to spread awareness about the fake renewable, Biomass, and its serious consequences for our forests.” “Biomass energy is being touted worldwide as ecologically sustainable and carbon neutral by governments, and sold as a climate… Continue Reading →

Guest Speaker Alicia De Piazza – for Kieran Richardt – Natura Pacific, Native Habitat Restorers

Caretaking our biodiversity is vital for our native flora and fauna, clean water, clean air, pest control, pollination, nutrient storage, medicines, mental and physical health. From this knowledge and understanding we can all step forward into the actions we can… Continue Reading →

Friends of the Koala

Friends of the Koala is committed to conserving koalas and preserving and enhancing their habitat, particularly in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. In doing this, we aim to make a key contribution to Australia’s biodiversity. Click here… Continue Reading →

Nimbin Environment Centre

We are a group of grassroots environmentalists working in a non violent direct active way to bring information to the people. Click here to go to our Facebook page. Click here for a little more information.

Tweed Landcare

Tweed Landcare supports people caring for the environment and natural resources of the Tweed. We provide information, training, project coordination, advocacy and representation for our members, locality groups, landholders and community. Click here to visit our website.

NEFA – The North East Forest Alliance

The North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) is a volunteer forest conservation group established in 1989 with the aims of protecting rainforest, oldgrowth forest, wilderness and threatened species. We have used all methods at our disposal to achieve these goals, including… Continue Reading →

Seed Library!

Seed Library! Come to our library and borrow seeds for free. Plant the seeds, harvest the produce and let the best plants go to seed. Then save the seeds for your next crop and return the excess seeds back to… Continue Reading →

The Chai Harem

The Chai Harem is a cool chill-out space of exotic colours and energies. We take chai to the next level with freshly crushed ginger and spices. Some of our exotic refreshments include: Hot or iced Chai: Classic, Chocolate, Coffee, Dandelion,… Continue Reading →

Zero Emissions Tweed

Zero Emissions Tweed (ZET) connects Tweed business, government, industry and the broader community with sustainability, climate change and carbon reduction programs, services and information. Click here to go to their website. All Posts

Tweed Water Alliance Inc

Tweed Water Alliance Inc opposes water extraction for bottling and are proud supporters of this year’s World Environment Day Festival. They’ll have an information stall and you can buy at nominal cost stainless steel drink bottles, ‘Stop Water Mining’ triangle… Continue Reading →

Guest Speakers, The Joyality Project

Visioning our positive future. Join in a fun group visioning for the whole community led by Youth Leader in Climate Resilience Audrey O’Donnell-Parr (16yrs), and The Joyality Project’s Shamila Millard. Together we’ll create a vision for a thriving, regenerative and just… Continue Reading →

Murwillumbah Community Garden

The Murwillumbah Community Garden will be an interactive facility for the people of Tweed Shire; a place where whole families and individuals of all ages and abilities can share friendship, ideas, knowledge, and produce. Click here to go to our… Continue Reading →

Guest Speaker Martin Ernegg – Weedblock Building Materials

Martin Ernegg of Synergetic Systems Inc, Nimbin, is creating building materials made from valuable weeds and magnesia cement, for example lightweight bricks, flooring composites and insulation panels, which store carbon (weed chips) within magnesia cement, over a long period and is a… Continue Reading →

Guest Speaker Sapoty Brook – CarGoSolar

Mullumbimby engineer, Sapoty Brook has developed the CarGoSolar system to reduce waiting at charging stations, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce energy costs. Anyone wanting a portable source of power can use it too. Get ten thousand kilometers at no cost… Continue Reading →

North East Waste

This is a Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the Waste Levy through a partnership between the NSW State Government and our northern Shire Councils. Community Recycling Centres are a clever way to reduce, re-use, recycle and re-purpose household… Continue Reading →

The Frog Prints

John Pumpurs, The Frog Prints, offers educational material and discussion on frogs and macro invertebrates. John is an avid frog conservationist as well as a talented photographer of these fantastic amphibians. Click here to go to The Frog Prints website.

Bird Life Northern Rivers

Volunteer as bird experts and host information booths for public or educational events, Work with local Landcare groups to provide bird surveys, Conduct  shorebird counts at sites along the Tweed, Brunswick, Richmond, and Evans Rivers We’ll answer your questions about… Continue Reading →

Sustainability Awards

Visit our stall to nominate your favourite environmental champions for the 2021 Tweed Sustainability Awards. Come and see us at the festival or click here for more information.

Northern Rivers Guardians.

Promoting and working for appropriate development in the Tweed Valley and the broader Northern Rivers of NSW.

Green Heroes

Green Heroes takes children on a journey of exploration into the intricate weavings of all living things, through nature-based experiences, interactive games and guided activities.  Our education programs have a specific emphasis on learning through imaginative play, to foster connections with… Continue Reading →

Kyogle Environment Group

Kyogle Environment Group (KEG) is a voluntary not-for-profit. A grassroots collective, aiming to bring information to the public on local, national and international environmental and Climate Change issues.   Click here to go to our Facebook page.

Team Koala

Team Koala is made up of community minded people who have joined together to protect the remaining koala populations of the Tweed Shire and surrounds. Click here to go to our Facebook page.

Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council proudly provides support to the Caldera Environment Centre to stage World Environment Day Festival 2021.


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