Visioning our positive future.

Join in a fun group visioning for the whole community led by Youth Leader in Climate Resilience Audrey O’Donnell-Parr (16yrs), and The Joyality Project’s Shamila Millard.

Together we’ll create a vision for a thriving, regenerative and just world grounded in what’s real and possible and fuelled by our hearts imagination! Plus take away a couple of resilience hacks to support your well-being and stay awake, connect and act.

The Joyality Project empowers change makers with resources, skills and community to create an even more wonderful world.

The Joyality Project is dedicated to addressing the climate emergency and intersecting social, cultural and economic crises by providing nature-centered psychoeducation to transform eco-anxiety, empower personal and community resilience, and drive effective positive action for a just and regenerative future.

Shamila Millard, Climate Resilience & Wellbeing Educator, Facilitator The Joyality Project


Audrey O’Donnell-Parr, Youth Leader in Climate Resilience, The Joyality Project

And The Joyality Project facilitators and Youth Leaders in Climate Resilience